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Lead with confidence.

Senior and emerging leaders come to me when they are ready to seek and reach their full potential.

I will work with you to envision your future and better understand yourself to become the leader you are meant to be.


Start with strengths.

We will explore your talents, strengths, skills, values, experiences, relationships, motivations, and goals.

These building blocks, together with self-confidence and self-awareness, create a solid foundation for growth. 


Accelerate your growth.

From this foundation, I work with you to manage areas that may hold you back, and I introduce skills and tools that propel you forward. 

Whether in one-on-one sessions or group settings, we will create a custom roadmap to your future.

What my clients are saying:

”Ilyse turned my career crisis into a wonderful career opportunity. She showed me so many ways to invest in myself and I don't think I could have done it without her. 


After 33 years with one company working in positions I really never even interviewed for, she helped me build my skills and frame my experience in ways that I was able to articulate my experience and managerial expertise for a position managing something more in line with my philosophy and ethic. I appreciate what she did for me and how important her voice was in getting me believing in myself.


Ben L.

NYS Education Department, Albany, NY


Which path is for you?



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Emerging Leader Consulting

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