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My transitions have added to my knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of myself and the world around me 
Ilyse Greenberg Coaching

Several years ago I learned about the power of strengths-based thinking. 

I loved the idea that focusing on what I'm good at is good for my career as much as my wellbeing.  It's so simple yet not always easy. Taught to attend to my weaknesses, I ignored - then forgot - my strengths; I have come to realize I'm not the only one. 

I have felt the difference between moving toward a transition from a position of strength and resisting a transition because of fear or doubt. My decades of work experiences and Kellogg MBA education have provided me substantive industry and workplace knowledge as well as wisdom that makes me a better coach to others.

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My philanthropic interests center around providing and improving education and helping those less fortunate than I am.  I have been a Trustee for Dedham Country Day School and am now on the Corporate Advisory Council for Cradles to Crayons and the Leadership Council & New England Advisory Board for Facing History and Ourselves. 

I grew up in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, spent my early adult years in NYC, and moved to Boston after graduating from Kellogg (and meeting my Boston-native husband).  My husband Charles and I now live in the Boston suburb of Needham with our two kids and dog Fletch. 


My strengths

Some of my greatest strengths and how I apply them to deliver effective coaching

A look into the connection between some of my strengths and delivering effective coaching


What it is: gathering information and identifying solutions


In coaching: gathering information and putting pieces together to identify the right questions to ask

Putting thoughts & ideas into action

What it is: knowing how to turn an idea or thought from concept to reality

In coaching: ​ helping clients become 'unstuck' by listening for the idea or thought and  helping them move toward action

Putting thoughts & ideas into words

What it is: articulating ideas and thoughts both written and verbally 


In coaching: enabling clients to find the words that convey what is important to them, what challenges they face, and what they envision for themselves   

Understanding differences among 


What it is: seeing differences among people, and understanding what drives those differences

In coaching: seeing each client as unique, and helping each one differently to appreciate  and use their talents 


with people

What it is: developing strong relationships quickly by conveying trust and  authenticity 

In coaching:  connecting with clients authentically, and creating a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

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Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches help people accomplish great things by doing what they naturally do best.

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